Average Pool Table Weight For All Table Sizes and Types

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Why is it all important? There may be a risk that the flooring finishes will be damaged under the weight of a full-sized pool table. This is especially the case in a DIY man cave. Moreover, you’ll have to worry about moving your pool table if you decide to redesign your place. It makes a big difference how much the pool table you are about to buy weighs.

Usually, underneath the felt on a non-slate table, you’ll find a hardboard, known as medium-density fibreboard (MDF) that is made from different wood fibers pressed together with resin. As you might imagine, slate-bed bed tables weigh significantly more than wood-bed bed tables. Most people will choose an MDF table for a few hundred dollars over a 1,000-pound slate table since they don’t want the hassle of moving it. However, serious pool players will choose heavier tables despite the difficulty of moving them.

If you are considering determining a pool table’s weight, bear in mind that these aren’t the only materials to consider. Structures around the bed of the table also play an important role in weight and ease of movement.

Weight of wood or non-slate pool tables

Tables built from materials other than slate are usually made from materials such as MDF (medium-density fibre wood). Their lightweight nature makes them easy to transport. There is a wide range of weights for these pool tables. The average weight of a wood pool table is 180 pounds (80 kilos) for a small 6ft MDF table and 600 pounds (270 kilos) for a 10ft wood table.

The majority of non-slate tables can be moved without disassembling them completely, although it is recommended that you remove the rails and legs in order to carry it.

Weight of slate pool tables

As a result of the hefty slate bases, slate pool tables on the other hand are much heavier than other pool tables. Slate is a rock, and rocks are heavy. About 65% of a pool table’s weight comes from the slate. Pool tables vary in weight due to several factors. The type of pool table, the thickness of the slate, the size of the table, and the material used for the rest of the table are all factors. The weight of these slate pool tables ranges from 500 pounds (225 kilograms) for a small 6′ slate pool table all the way up to 2500 pounds (1130 kilograms) for a 12′ 1″ thick slate tournament table.

The weight of some tournament tables is even greater if they are made using 2″ slate. However, one inch is the industry standard for slate thickness. But in general, they weigh between 700 and 1500 lbs.

Pool table weights for various sizes

Your pool table’s size will greatly impact its weight. Pool tables are available in an array of sizes to accommodate a variety of play types, so you need to determine how you intend on using your pool table in order to determine what size will be ideal for the area in which it will be used. In general, standard pool tables range from 7 to 9 feet in length, and in weight, they increase as the size increases.

Table Structure

To guarantee that slate tables will be strong enough to accommodate the rock’s weight, the surrounding construction should be made out of relatively strong, supportive materials. In order to achieve this effect, hardwoods such as oak are often used in the construction of table legs and frames. As an example, a table that is 4′ x 8′, has 5 inches high hardwood rails, rubber bumper cushions, drop pockets, and a three-piece 1″ slate bed that weighs around 700 pounds is an average home game table to play at home. Typically, the weight of an 8 foot table ranges anywhere from 700 to 1,000 pounds, but the newly constructed tables will typically be lighter as well.

In the case of MDF tables, the weight will depend more on the surrounding materials than the weight of the wood. In comparison to slate tables, these are often much cheaper and much lighter. Since the frame doesn’t have to support as much weight, they are generally made with lighter materials such as plywood, aluminum, or even hardened plastic. These types of tables can weigh anywhere between 100 to 300 pounds on average.

Average Pool Table Weight (wood and slate)

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