How to Create a Man Cave within a Limited Budget

Besides being a place where you can be alone, a man cave is also a place where you can gather with your buddies without disturbing your family. The problem is that not every man can build a man cave that resembles the ones they see in magazines and on the Internet. What if your budget is a bit tight?

A man cave on a tight budget is certainly challenging. You have to do some searching for good materials, sacrifice some outlandish ideas, and think beyond the box. The one thing you should not do, though, is settle for something you cannot see as an escape for your soul.

Here are the best DIY tips for making a small man cave on a budget. I hope you found some inspiration!

Reduce functionality

If you’re working with a smaller budget, you’ll have to make compromises. What’s more important? Watching your favorite movies on the big screen? Sitting at your fancy bar and drinking whiskey with your mates? Play pool all day? Pick the most important feature, spend your money on that, there’s no point in putting a little money into everything because you won’t have fun in your room. Let’s give examples:

Large screen, simple furnishings

If you’re one of those men who loves watching sports or a good movie, it’s clear what you can save on. In that case, your screen should be huge, don’t skimp on that, but the furniture can be simpler because for you the experience won’t be determined by the design of the sofa you’re sitting on with your buddies. Put your money where it matters.

Large screen, simple furniture :0)

Cool bar without other major expenditure

The same applies if you’re more into a night of drinking and chatting with friends. Make the bar cool in this case, then skimp on the decor or skip the pool table. You can buy your TV later, just set up the bar the way you want it.

Are you a DIY fan or good at working with wood? Rather than spending money to have someone build a bar for you or to buy one already built, you might want to build your own. The results will have a DIY feel that’s actually positive, rather than looking thrown together, and you’ll save a lot on labor and shipping.

Multifunctional furniture

Do you love to play pool, but occasionally get together with your mates for a game of poker? Well, you don’t have to buy a poker table to go with your pool table if you choose your furniture right. Just like your coffee table can double as a storage chest. Get creative.

Decorate the man cave with a few small items

Decorating your man cave and keeping it within your budget is often the biggest concern when it comes to getting it right. However, your man cave will stand out from the rest of your home depending on its decor and how exclusive it is to you. This is why you must get it right.

You don’t need to go crazy with your theme, choose just a few key elements to showcase it. A modern reading lamp, a few special rocks glasses, a cool decanter, or leather guitar hangers are great ideas.

Reuse your existing furniture

You don’t have to buy new furniture. Creating a small man cave on a budget, but still making it special, can be as easy as borrowing a favorite chair from elsewhere in the house or thrifting something you find cool. Don’t forget to include a side table, bookcase, or any other furniture that would enhance your man cave decor.

The old junk you have lying around can be repurposed into chic, funky, and original furniture. If you have enough creativity and desire, you can make furniture out of almost anything. Use your imagination.

Where can I get cool furniture?

Some ideas on where to get cool furniture for your man cave at a good price if you can’t find the right pieces at home:

  • garage sales
  • second-hand stores
  • charity shops
  • online shop discounts

Paint the mancave yourself

Although this step is optional, it gives a budget man cave an extra special touch. Not only does it make the room more personal, but it is also quite affordable.

Don’t be afraid to use bright colors, even colors you wouldn’t normally use for painting in your home. The key is to make the walls reflect your personality, if they’re black, they’re black, if they’re blood red, they’re blood red. You do it for yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Homemade (DIY) furniture and bar

DIY example :0)

OK, it takes some skills, tools, and materials, but if you’re determined enough, nothing is impossible. YouTube is full of great videos, you can learn anything quickly. Want to make your own bar? A wooden crate for storage? Don’t be afraid to get started, it’ll be fun (and you’ll save a lot).

The Bottom Line

time – money – expectations

When you build a man cave, you compete with three things. The first thing is your time. You have to decide how much energy and time you want to put into it, and whether you have time to do it. If you don’t have the time, you have to compromise on the next two points.

The second point is money. The less you want to spend, the more of your own time you have to put into the project (such as making your own furniture, spending days browsing the internet for a cheaper but good bar stool, or going to look at discounted furniture in the next town).

The third factor is your expectations. You may need to let go of your demands if the first two things are being squeezed, i.e. you are spending less or having less time. Our advice is to do this only when absolutely necessary, always try to manage what you have planned on the time-money axis. If you really can’t, you can always cross something off the list (whichever hurts the least).

We wish you good luck with your man cave! If you would like to show us the results, please send us an email with your photos here:

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