Man Cave Furniture – The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right Furniture

man cave furniture

Without question, man caves are the ultimate manly space. Men spend a huge amount of time in their private spaces, from watching games on TV to hanging out with friends. But how many man caves have you seen that have a “wow factor” when it comes to furniture? In this post, we will look at cool and unique man cave furniture and design ideas that will help you create the ultimate man cave.

At the end of this article, you’ll also find a video with some of the furniture that’s trending right now.

The basics

First, you need to decide what the focus of your room should be. The sofa, the bar, or the pool table?

Pick up to 2-3 pieces of furniture that you want to set the mood. These should be the most impressive objects in the room.

An unused dead zone can result from placing seats – recliners, bar stools, chairs, sofas – in the middle of the room. It is recommended that, if possible, you should place the seating against the wall instead, or make use of the space behind your gaming chairs for storage, or display tables. Also, make sure the seating is as open as possible.

But before you embark on a major redecoration, you may want to consider color. You may want to paint one wall differently from the others to give your place a focal point. For example, the wall you put the sofa against could be darker than the other walls, giving a more contrasting effect. This way, you can highlight your sofa and create a spectacular space for yourself at a relatively low cost.

Having trouble finding a theme? Consider Metal and Wood

Confused about the styles and materials? Industrial appearances are popular in modern themes with heavy-duty hardwoods and metals. Hardwoods and metals look great and are durable and flexible for many purposes.

Avoid using a lot of glass in a small space, because it can be too reflective and fragile.

man cave furniture
Man Cave Furniture – Focus on comfort

Man Cave Furniture – Focus on comfort

Furniture is next on the list of big tasks. While it may seem intimidating to choose furniture for your man cave, it’s not as hard as it seems. The purpose of a man cave is to relax and enjoy entertainment. Create a welcoming atmosphere by focusing on comfort. No matter what kind of seating you like, whether it’s bar stools, a plush couch, or a recliner, it’s important for you to be comfortable.

The most popular furniture styles of today can be defined as direct and comfortable. You can really set the tone of your man cave by adding a few unexpected pieces to it, like a mahogany desk or a Chippendale chair, as they are both classics, yet unexpected pieces. Even a vase of flowers acquires a deeper tone when most of the things are determinedly masculine in nature. Don’t feel compelled to decorate your place entirely with dark wooden furniture and heavy decor. It can actually add contrast to your room when you add a few floral, light-colored, or otherwise “feminine” items.

Make the style more masculine than barbarian.


How about we tell you that, if you look online, you can determine whether or not a sofa is comfortable? Even though nothing quite compares to the experience of trying out a sofa for real, there are some factors that should be considered when searching for a couch’s comfort on a website.

Is it your dream to sit cross-legged on a sofa and slouch as much as you like? Find a sofa with greater seat depth. How about stretching out against the armrest of your sofa? You should keep an eye on the arm height and shape to ensure maximum comfort.

You should determine the factors that will make your sofa the most comfortable for you based on how you use it most often. Remember to measure where you want the sofa to go, otherwise, accidents like this can happen:

When it comes to picking a sofa for a man cave, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Most importantly, it should be a good fit for the decor of the room. If the sofa is going to be in a room with a lot of wood furniture, a leather couch could look out of place. For a room that is meant to be a little more put together, you might want to go with a sleek, modern design.

Since you’re buying a sofa not for a few months, but for several years, pay attention to quality. Look at these, for example, which you can buy immediately:

Recliner Chair

Reclining chairs are necessary for your life, so you decide to get one. After a long day, it will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, plus it provides you with compelling health benefits. It improves circulation. Decreases back pain. More space for the lungs and diaphragm to expand, which allows for easier breathing. 

When you hear the word recliner chair, you probably envision one particular type, but there are dozens of different styles. Make sure you buy the chair that best suits your needs before purchasing. Look over some of the top types before making your decision.

Some good advice if you are looking to buy a recliner chair:

  • if it doesn’t have a feature you want (e.g. massage, heating), don’t buy it just because you like it
  • don’t buy the cheapest one
  • plan where you are going to put it and choose the right size for the space, to avoid having to rearrange the whole room because of the recliner chair

TV Stand

You’ve got to pick a tv stand, something that will catch your eye, sit nicely in your new man cave, and look good doing it. TV stands are the cornerstone of any man cave. After all, they have the power to change the look and feel of a room for years to come. If you’re shopping for a man cave, it’s important to consider the criteria you want in a TV stand—put it together as a team, and you’ll have a winning combination. Our proposal:

You’ve got to pick a tv stand, something that will catch your eye, sit nicely in your new man cave, and look good doing it. TV stands are the cornerstone of any man cave. After all, they have the power to change the look and feel of a room for years to come. If you’re shopping for a man cave, it’s important to consider the criteria you want in a TV stand—put it together as a team, and you’ll have a winning combination. Our proposal:

  • blend in with the design (if you have wooden furniture in the room, a rustic TV stand is a perfect choice)
  • it should be sturdy (solid wood, hardware)
  • good to have a look at

The right tv stand can make or break your man cave. You want something that will look good, but you also need something that’s durable. There are lots of nice-looking tv stands on the market, but they don’t stand up to the repeated use that man caves demand. If the nearby furniture (e.g. the sofa) is light, you should choose a stronger color. If you have dark furniture, go for light. A third option is to use the same or very similar color as the chairs or sofa. We’ve picked out a few for you, all of which look great and won’t break in two months.

Coffee Table

When you think of man caves, you probably envision a sports-themed den with a big TV, a pool table, and a big collection of cigars. But maybe, just maybe, your manspace should have a more sophisticated look. Yes, a fine collection of sports-themed memorabilia is a good start, but it can be equally important to have a well-designed table to complement your man cave. This is where a coffee table comes in. A coffee table can be a great way to add a splash of color and a stylish accent to your empire.

Choose a size that is no wider than half the width of the sofa.

Using a different color and material from the surrounding furniture makes it more noticeable. Whether it’s industrial, rustic, glass, or classic, if you like it, don’t overthink it.

The most awkward thing in the world is a coffee table that is too high or too low. You will feel more comfortable in your living space if you pick a coffee table that is the same height as the cushions on your sofa or one to two inches lower. Any more, and the space might look a little strange.

And you’ll never use it, you’ll just put your foot on it or throw empty chip bags at it. Which will fall off, of course, and you’ll be mad about that. Anyway, the point is: pay attention to the size of the coffee table if you want to do yourself a favor. Look how good they look (see product pages for sizes):

Bar Stool

Choose some really cool bar stools for your man cave, as you’ll be using them a lot with your buddies. So they should look good but also be comfortable. And we recommend metal. It goes with the drinks.

Too-long or too-short bar stools aren’t just uncomfortable, they look disproportionate as well. Measure your current bar, island, or table. The height of the bar stool should be 9” – 12” below the counter or tabletop.

Okay, but what is the difference between a counter bar stool and a classic bar stool? Let’s just say.

Counter Stools: A counter stool with a height of 24″ – 26″ pairs well with surfaces that are 36″ from the ground (the height of most kitchen counters and islands). This type of stool is mainly used for dining areas.

Classic Bar Stools: Barstools that are 30 inches high are ideal for a wet bar at home since standard bars are 42 inches high. (This is the same size bar stool you’d find in a restaurant or bar.)

Now that you know the dimensions, you can take a look at the range of bar stools:


Now that’s really up to you! Everyone has their own tastes, and one article isn’t going to change them, so we’ll just give you one general piece of advice:

Choose one or two larger, more spectacular decorative elements for your man cave rather than lots of little trinkets.

An impressive clock on the wall or a large mirror will do. If you have stylish designer furniture in your man cave, the decor will be a side issue anyway.


There are two kinds of men. The first loves rugs and carpets, the second hates them. If you belong to the first group, sooner or later you’ll have a rug in your manspace.

You’ve probably guessed by now that not only looks are a super important factor when it comes to rugs, but also size. Measure how big you can fit, how far you want it to reach, how much space you have between the coffee table and the sofa you’re going to use it for.

Measure everything and you won’t be surprised.

Man Cave Ideas

For some tips on furnishing your man cave, watch the video below:

Final Thoughts

The thing with man caves, though, is that they are for your manliness. They are for having your manliness around. And to really set the tone, you need the right man cave furniture. At the ManCave24 Store, you’ll find furniture to make it happen.

If you would like to take a closer look at a webstore where you can find furniture and accessories exclusively for man caves, take a look around the ManCave24 webshop.

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