The Top 12 Man Cave Design Mistakes and the Way to Avoid Them

The best man caves are the ones that have a unique look and a unique feel to them. Every man has a different taste in decor, but no matter how much a man may want a personalized man cave, there are a few things that every guy should avoid when creating a man cave.

Make sure you avoid these top design mistakes as you build your man cave or entertainment room so it will be a space for fun and relaxation. Below are some tips for creating your own oasis and avoiding the most frequent mistakes…

#1 – Not having a plan to set up your man cave

To build your man cave in the way you envision it, you need to decide what you want in it and how you will use it before you start renovating. This approach allows you to accommodate all the features you desire in the layout and logistics, such as wiring, bathroom, and acoustics.

Those who fail to plan are planning to fail. Cliche, but true. When a man cave is being planned, here are the questions you ought to ask:

  • What will you do in your man cave?
  • Does it need to have certain features?
  • How will you decorate it?
  • Do you need contractors for some things or can you build things yourself?
  • Does your budget fit your needs?
  • Will your buddies be able to fit in the man cave together?

Be sure to consider both your comfort and how you will use your man cave.

Decide what will be your “focus” before you begin. Taking this into consideration will enable you to build the room to suit your needs. Typically, a man cave has just the TV as its focal point, which is fine. You can change the focal point as your space grows or your interest changes.

So don’t be afraid to start if you can only use a small space. Invite your friends over and have fun. This doesn’t have to be a lonely or stressful experience!

#2 – Underestimating costs

There is no money left for your man cave, and you’re still halfway through construction. Isn’t that torture? You can ensure your man cave is designed and built according to plan if you set a realistic budget. Having money run out while your space is only partially done is the last thing you want.

Spend your budget wisely and prioritize the main items in your man cave first, such as the flooring, furniture, fixtures, bar, and TV. As soon as you’ve got the features you’ll use most in your space, you can start enjoying it and add the extras as you go along. It is always possible to add games and activities later. You should always start with the right flooring and fixtures. The choice of installing a beautiful bar over buying a pool table is always a wise one. Bars are used a lot more than pool tables.

Man caves are all about comfort, but they shouldn’t cost all your money.

#3 – Not thinking about acoustics

Having a man cave can be a noisy experience. Man cave noise isn’t just associated with having your mates over. Think of loud TV or listening to music in your man cave. With the right acoustics, this will be muted for the rest of the house.

That’s why when building new or renovating, think about acoustic padding for walls and ceilings. If this is not possible, adding carpet or rugs will also help reduce noise from your realm.

#4 – Underestimating the storage capacity

It is a very simple mistake to fix, but I see it time and time again. Make sure your man cave only houses things you will actually use. There is no garage or basement here. It is a functional room. Don’t let your space get cluttered.

Your man cave is going to fill up faster than you think with media, games, fun décor, and other entertainment essentials. If the room gets too cluttered, you will find it hard to stay organized. Take into account how much surface space, cabinets, and drawers you’ll need. And don’t forget to leave enough room for your bar.

It’s obvious to say that you can do more with more space. Starting out small and keeping it simple is the best advice when it comes to creating a man cave. Avoid buying items for the space.

Put up shelves or glass cabinets to keep your memorabilia on display, or add storage ottomans that can double up as additional seats.

#5 – Cutting corners on seating

Do not let the bells and whistles distract you from making your man cave comfortable. If you have limited seating, poor back support, or is just plain uncomfortable, you (and your buddies) will not want to hang out there, therefore, your money will be wasted. A man cave should also be a comfortable, relaxing place where you can kick back and relax. Having back pain can make it hard for you and your buddies to relax.

A pool table should not be prioritized above this category of your budget. If your man cave has a small couch, it’s acceptable, but an uncomfortable couch is not.

#6 – You choose terrible decorative elements

Men like the freedom they have to decorate their man caves the way they want. This means that their favorite hobby, whether it be Formula One racing, American Football, or hockey, becomes the theme. Others prefer music, fish, or films.

We know men aren’t known for their decorating skills. But you can still be sophisticated. Keep an eye on trends, take inspiration from others, and never put your little girl’s purple unicorn poster on the wall because you’ll look like a Barbie room.

#7 – Buying something you don’t need

Unfortunately, it happens all the time. The solution is this… make a list of items before you go shopping, that way emotional purchases won’t come into play.

Don’t listen to your significant other, don’t listen to your mates, just buy what you have planned. Everything else can wait until after you’ve finished the man cave and you still feel that something can be useful.

Size does matter

Let’s look at some typical mistakes.

#8 – Having too small bar space and installing a tiny refrigerator

These two are the biggest mistakes you could make.

Don’t forget that your bar doesn’t have to take up your entire man cave, but it still needs to accommodate beer, snacks, and maybe even the whiskey that you only serve to your closest buddies. And be sure to get your buddies some beer too.

#9 – Buying a TV in children’s room size

Big TV is a must for every man cave. It doesn’t matter what you watch, your eyes won’t get any better and if you’re going to spend a good part of your time here, don’t let the TV be the thing that makes you uncomfortable.

It is advisable to pre-wire electrical and AV cables before purchasing a TV.

#10 – Installing a too big pool table

The general rule for most man caves is to extend all the sides of the pool table by two times the length of the cue stick. Having a pool table that is too large for your room will always be noticeable even when you are not playing. There is always the option of buying a smaller table and using the extra space for other games.

#11 – You listen too much to your friends

Do it for yourself, don’t let yourself be influenced. If you don’t like playing pool that much, don’t buy a pool table. (It’s expensive anyway.) If you like darts, don’t care that your mates think a pinball machine would look better on that wall.

#12 – Building a showroom, not a man cave

Do you have a lot of memorabilia? Is it a good idea to show them all? Spoiler: no. Don’t turn the room into a showroom. After a while, you won’t enjoy it anymore, but your friends will keep commenting on one or two of your collections as being too obsessive.

If you want your man cave to be a welcoming place, the right decor makes all the difference. And your collection is not a decor element, even if you think it is. Put out your best stuff, but not all of it. You can have shelves and a glass case or two, but don’t cover the whole wall with them.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, none of these mistakes are unavoidable if you pay attention to them from the start, and most of these problems are easy to fix.

Design, build, have fun!

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